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The day many of us have been waiting for has finally come! Cosmic has officially become a Guild on LootSwap! 🎉
Since its inception on the 2021 Summer Solstice, Cosmic was meant to be a high-vibed, entertaining, and prosperous ecosystem that would expand and evolve as time went on. From its beginnings as a token that was supported by a number of visionaries who believed in the project (many of whom are still a part of it to this day), Cosmic has always strived to become the best version of itself. This meant constantly crafting new ways to expand its ecosystem. Becoming a Guild on LootSwap with yield farming Quests is the latest expansion on the Cosmic vision.

About Cosmic

If you are new to Cosmic, it is a play-to-earn fantasy crypto gaming ecosystem on the Ethereum-compatible Harmony blockchain.

Cosmic is being developed to become a decentralized gaming ecosystem and open-world RPG NFT game where users can create, share, and monetize NFTs and other gaming experiences. NFT trading cards will become a major aspect of Cosmic’s blockchain gaming experience, as will a fully-developed unique game that will be playable like Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained currently are on the blockchain in a decentralized way.

A primary blockchain game, as well as minigames, provide a fun and rewarding opportunity to level-up and collect rare Cosmic NFTs. Players will get to go head-to-head with others in fun Quests or via Adventure Mode using collectible NFTs either won, traded, bought. There will be exciting and engaging gameplay that is tied into a captivating storyline (lore). Essentially, an RPG NFT game. A separate article will extensively explain the gamification aspects of Cosmic.

Today, Cosmic has a growing community, entertaining lore, and play-to-earn-fun.

Cosmic Tokens

There are two tokens within the Cosmic ecosystem: COSMIC and MAGIC.

COSMIC is the original HRC-20 token that is to primarily be a utility/rewards token, similar to SLP in the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

MAGIC is a brand new HRC-20 token that is to primarily be a governance and yield farming token. It will also be playing an integral role gamified NFTs that will be a part of the Cosmic NFT Collection. Its role is similar to AXS in the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Note: If you’re new to Harmony or DeFi, here’s a guide for how to buy COSMIC and MAGIC on the Harmony network using MetaMask.


MAGIC is an HRC-20 token created in partnership with LootSwap to ensure all of the tokenomics have been properly defined for long-term growth and stability of the token.

MAGIC Token Contract: 0x892d81221484f690c0a97d3dd18b9144a3ecdfb7

MAGIC Token Tokenomics

Here are the finer details of MAGIC:

Contract: 0x892D81221484F690C0a97d3DD18B9144A3ECDFB7
Max Cap: 100,000,000
Initial Supply: 2,000,000
Lockup Percentage: 95% upon listing
Start Date when the rewards start releasing: 12/21/21
Yield Farming Rewards Start Block: 16,316,500
Deposit Fee: 3%

Treasury Wallets

MAGIC has three multisig treasury wallets using Harmony Gnosis Safe:

Marketing & Design:

Founders & Team: 0x3E918CC7231BA011A54636D4406Ae314884A76BC

Here’s a MAGIC breakdown for these treasury wallets:

10% for Development

7% for Marketing/Design

3% Founders/Team

Future Airdrop

Not too far into the future, there will be a MAGIC airdrop (up to 100,000 participants to encourage and increase token adoption and bring players into the fold.

1 MAGIC will also be worth exactly enough to receive a mass-issued NFT (100,000 copies of this NFT will be minted to account for the expansion of the player base) that will be a de facto reward for joining the Cosmic Guild. This NFT will be called a Kernel of Truth and will soon become gamified in Truth Quests, along with Pearl of Wisdom and Mountain of Evidence NFTs, among other NFTs related to Truth Quests. Only 333 Pearl of Wisdom NFTs while there will be 13 Mountain of Evidence NFTs minted, to illustrate an example of increased rarity.

LootSwap Quests Yield Farming

As mentioned above, the yield farming for the 7 Cosmic Guild pools will begin once block 16,316,500 is reached. Once that block is reached, everyone who has added liquidity to one of the 7 Cosmic Guild pools on this page will begin to accrue rewards. Start Date when the rewards start releasing: 12/21/21. The deposit fee is 3% across all pools.
Start yield farming with Cosmic Guild here:

Emission Multipliers

Week 1–32x

Week 2–16x

Week 3–8x

Week 4–8x

Week 5–8x

Week 6–4x

Yield Farms








The farms with the highest levels are the top three in this list. We wanted to ensure original COSMIC investors would be to farm with their liquidity, and it will also help strengthen the Cosmic ecosystem.

Even though MAGIC is less than a day old, there is already a $43K+ marketcap for its circulating coins, and all supported by the community 🎉

EDIT: The total deposits of COSMIC & MAGIC as of 8/21/21 are nearing $475K!

The goal of Cosmic is to become a $100M+ blockchain game that will be the premier game on the Harmony network.

Withdraw Fees

25% fee if the user withdraws in the same block. (blocks ~ 2 seconds)

8% fee if the user withdraws under 1 hour.

4% fee if the user withdraws under 1 day.

2% fee if the user withdraws under 3 days.

1% fee if the user withdraws under 5 days

0.5% if the user withdraws under 2 weeks.

0.25% if the user withdraws under 4 weeks.

0.01% if the user withdraws after 4 weeks.

Upward and Onward!

This is just the beginning. Cosmic is an ambitious project that has consistently delivered since its inception. More updates will be provided regularly, especially in the Cosmic Guild Telegram group, so come on by and join our growing community!

Helpful Links

Yield Farms:


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