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Two minutes of work for so much extra money



Hi Champ!

WARNING  YOU WON’T SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good to hear from you my friend!

Ok whatever you do be sure to TAKE ACTION on this information!

You can make MILLIONS this year!!!!!!

Today I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine very well connected and super wealthy from Ireland and a high tech Super Blockchain Chineese Guy and was blown away what I was shown!

YOU WONT SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!

Im still in shock about how much you can make with this ground floor FIRST MOVERS ADVANTAGE opportunity!

ANYWAY I decided to join IMMEDIATELY as I would be a fool not too! I am starting TODAY with this new token AND YOU ARE ONE OF THE FIRST IN THE WORLD TO KNOW!

This is in PRE LAUNCH right now and the coin trades at just 0.30 cents each!!!!!!!

You can easy make HUNDRED TIMES growth in just one year!

Anyway It launches 10th May in Bangkok and all the tickets for this 1,000 person event are already SOLD OUT!

After the event we predict the token price will SOAR! It’s is set to go even higher price than what plus token did!

You heard about Plus Token? Which went from 0.50 cents to $70 in one year!

You want this even better ground floor opportunity?

You don’t invest you just move some of your bitcoin to the new wallet and hold it there.

The AI bots will arbitrage and return between 6 and 12%+ per MONTH PASSIVELY straight into your wallet! The funds never leave your wallet and you can withdraw anytime you want.

They also have new master card coming out within the next 5 months. (I’ll send separate videos if you want to see the proof?)

Now let’s do some maths and say you put in the new wallet just $1000 and the returns are 10% monthly. In one Month you made $100 profit doing nothing. (passive)

Now remember you are not buying anything or spending anything, you are simply moving some bitcoin into this wallet, and you can withdraw anytime you like! (Just like any normal bitcoin wallet)

Now let’s say the token goes up in value to $3, that’s 10 times growth. you just made $10,000 (passive)

And now let’s say it goes up to $30, you just made $100,000! (Passive)

Now let’s do the numbers on some decent amounts.

Based on $10,000. Token goes to $3 you just made $100,000

Token goes to $30, you just made $1,000,000! (One Million!)

If the token goes to $60 (plus token went to $70 in one year, and this token is better, more uses etc)

In other words you can DOUBLE all the above.

For those with bigger BTC holdings, moving $100,000 into this wallet will make...

Price Goes to $3 = $1,000,000

Price Goes to $30 you make $10 Million!

Price Goes to $60 per token, you make $20 MILLION!!   

One guy I personally know has just put in his wallet $250,000!

That’s $25,000 a month passive on the trading PLUS the potential price increase!

If the price goes to $3 that’s $2.5 MILLION.

if the price goes to $30 that’s $25 MILLION.

If the price goes to $60 that’s $50 MILLION!!!!!     (passive)

If you put a million in and price goes to $3 you make $10 Million.

Price goes to $30 you make $100 MILLION.

PRICE goes to $60 you make $200 MILLION!!    (passive)


Now time to take action!



Watch Recording of todays cloud token webinar Please be SURE TO WATCH THE WEBINAR! = WARNING ! YOU WON’T SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what to do next...

How To Get Started With Cloudtoken

1. Go to Download the iOS App or Android App

3. To activate the App you will may need to access your smartphone Settings: Then click on General: then Device Settings and You must Approve YFC TECHNOLOGY and click TRUST!

4. Open the app and create an account

5. Enter Referral ID: 4948700814 (double check as that codes you to me so I will be massively motivated to help you build MASSIVE and earn MANY MILLIONS)

6. Create Pins you will remember

7. Deposit crypto of your choice

8. Go to “Projects” and activate JarvisAi

9. Once your bitcoin is in your account, then click MAX. The bots then start working and paying you CTO DAILY!

10. Collect CTO (about 10% per month of what you are holding)

11. Either hold CTO or instantly exchange CTO for any other crypto at market value and withdraw and use just like any other crypto wallet.

Now to participate in the optional referral program, you’ll need to transfer and hold at least $500 in the cloud token wallet. We recommend $600 in case the bitcoin price goes down.

Once your account is live start referring others like crazy!





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