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The veil project is a robust technology that makes it much more possible for users to exchange their money, make purchases anonymously and untraceably, it is a blockchain conscious attempt aimed at making blockchain experience better but still secured. Veil project is majorly a security kind of project developed to operate within the confines of the zerocoin protocol. The zerocoin technology is all out to ensure that all crypto currency based transactions are carried out in a full confidentiality (anonymous) status and so senders or receivers cannot be susceptible to any form of attack. The project also offers a range of other unique features one of which is the stake system that for instance makes it possible for owners of 13,000 veils to get 50 veils per day provided that their wallet is open although with a variability in its rewards system[/size]To learn more about this project visit @VEILProject on telegram[/color]

i can possible to get 50 veil in a day but that depends on how much new people are joining in the staking reward of veil. more people and we must put money veil to make it being the capability to adopt the condition of the increase in the staking people in the blockchain. That's not so easy but i like to staking using veil dude. that's an awesome thing dude.


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