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What are best Altcoins to buy except TRX OR LALA, or should i buy more of Worth.


i have 3000$ to invest this month, I feel like looking out for more., Other wise LALA and TRX are good for hodling

MCan Coin. Investors have better benefits like revenue sharing and profit sharing.

Michael Richard:
I will mostly suggest going for MAJOR options, as that is the BEST way forward. If you have sufficient money then it is fine to try others but otherwise, it is BETTER to go far established options.

I focus on Bitcoin and top names only with keeping complete control over the latest news and updates. It is where I find it so good with the Chinese sector, which is the most important part and is how one is able to take the RIGHT decisions.

Personally I have invested part of my funds in electra coin. It is classified between 200 and 300 on coinmarketcap. Community is really important. They have over 2000 ATMs that can be exchanged directly with a credit card. A lot of partnership to come and especially a fork in very little time. The last partnership made the coin go up to 39 sat. Today he's trading at 9 sat on cryptopia. Anyway, I'm sure there's a way to make a nice profit on this crypto. I'm not targeting 200 sats but already 50 sats and I'd be happy.

otherwise right now big crypto!


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